The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd.

The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited

The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited

The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited

The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited

The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited

The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited

These Products are Indian Standards Institute (ISI) mark
The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited

DPI Products and Services Limited (DPI) is pioneer in the manufacture of Dental Materials in India with a proven track record since 1962.

DPI is the part of the Health Care Division which includes INOR Orthopedics and INOR Ophthalmics, which cater to the Orthopedic and Ophthalmic markets respectively.

DPI has upgraded it's systems and processes with the ISO 9001:2000 recognition from BVQI. The quality of the products manufactured by DPI is further asserted by its regular exports to over 15 Countries. DPI has also recently been awarded the CE mark for its manufactured range making it the leading dental / material /consumable company with products which are guaranteed for their quality and reliability.

DPI is able to cater to the needs of the dental fraternity with a wide spectrum of product categories in dentistry of our trading experience representing reputed foreign companies as well.

DPI has the most effective and time-tested distribution infrastructure through its extensive dealer network of over 100 dealers throughout India.

Our range covers a broad spectrum of products used in dental care as mentioned below.

Product Range

DPI Alloy -Non Gamma 2 and Fine Grain
DPI Alloy -Non Gamma 2
Zinc free amalgam alloy. Superior properties to conventional alloys. 50% increase in compressive strength (1 Hour). 40% increase in compressive strength (24 Hours). 17 fold improvement in creep. Especially suitable for automatic amalgamators

DPI Alloy -Fine Grain
High silver content (68.7%) alloy that has been the all time favourite for years. High strength, Easy Carving, Superior Polish

Amalgam Capsules and DPI Mercury
Amalgam Capsules
Pre-dosed capsules filled with non-gamma 2 alloy and mercury (one spill) ready for mixing on an amalgamator.

DPI Mercury
A specially triple distilled, chemically pure mercury

Zinc Oxide and Eugenol
Zinc Oxide
A Chemically pure, arsenic free material popular for its fine quality as the best grade is used.

A brownish viscous liquid with a strong odour of cloves. Best grade is used

Zinc Cement and Provipast
Zinc Cement
A Highly versatile zinc Phosphate cement. Consistency in cementation, Low film thickness, Good sealing property due to low solubility,

A Calcium Hydroxide filling material in paste form. No mixing required, Non-irritant, antiseptic and therapeutic, Good retentive and sealant properties, Sets rapidly in presence of saliva.

Kalzinol / Kalsogen
A rapid setting radiopaque Zinc Oxide / eugenol resin bonded material. therapeutic properties - ideal for sensitive cavities, Good thermal and chemical insulation, Strong base for amalgam condensation, higher initial resistance to fracture due to resin bonding.

Varnish, Cavity Lining And Alphaplac

Imprint Alginate Dental Impression Material
A satin textured, micro cellular Alginate powder. Lead free, Excellent dimensional stability, fine reproduction, Pleasant and acceptable flavour, Ample working time and controlled flow, Made from the best quality /grade of raw material

Algitex Alginate Impression Material
A smooth mixing, well accepted Alginate powder. Lead free, Excellent dimensional stability, fine reproduction, Pleasant and acceptable flavour, Ample working time and controlled flow, Made from the best quality /grade of raw material.

Impression Paste, DPI Propol and Tooth Conditioner Gel
Impression Paste
A Zinc Oxide-Eugenol impression material. In paste form, very easy to mix, right flow characteristics, dimensionally stable, Useful for edentulous cases and in relining / remodelling techniques with individual tray for uniform support.

A fine prophylaxis paste (containing Flouride) used in prophylactic treatment as a polishing medium. Available in Medium Grit and Peppermint flavour.

Tooth Conditioner Gel
A blue coloured Phosphoric Acid gel formulation for acid-etching enamel before bonding /filling prepared cavities

DPI-Pinnacle Impression Compound And Pinnacle Tracing Sticks
Pinnacle Impression Compound (P.I.C)
An impression material suitable for preliminary as well as snap impressions.

Pinnacle Tracing Sticks (P.T.S)
Suitable for muscle trimming work, generally used along with P.I.C for accurate impressions.

DPI Heat Cure Acrylic Denture Material
Heat cured acrylic denture base material. simple mixing, easy to process, Variety of shades (pink, translucent, veined, light veined, special pink, clear), Cross linking ensures superior quality. Use for full or partial upper or lower dent tures.

DPI -RR Cold Cure Acrylic Repair Material
A cold cure self polymerizing acrylic material for all types of repairs to acrylic dentures Working time of 4 minutes, Rapidbenchcuretime of 14 minutes, Also useful on orthodontic work, Available in pink and clear shades, used for all types of repairs of acrylic dentures.

DPI Tooth Moulding Powder (T.M.P.)
A fine acrylic material in a wide range of shades for crown and bridge work. Close reproduction to natural, tooth, Available in heat-curing as well as self- curing variants, Available in variety of shades (A-J) , used for precise crown and bridge work.

DPI Model Cement And DPI Modelling Wax
DPI Model Cement
A Sticky Wax for preliminary denture repair work, for attaching bands to crowns and temporary attachment of clasps.

DPI Modelling Wax Standard
A uniform Modelling Wax with excellent working qualities and outstanding cohesive properties .

DPI Curex Microhybrid Light Cure Composite
Is a resin - based restorative material which is a available in a range of Vita* shades and has excellent polish ability which gives aesthetically superior restorations that are also radio-opaque. It is to be used in conjunction with the bonding systems, either two components or single component which will provide the bonding platform for the composite.

Curex -Lite Visible Light Curing Unit
Trouble free performance. No heat up during operation, Deep and large diameter cure, No delay in light after switch activation, High energy output, Eye protection shield supplied with device, Automatic shut-off fan, once unit has cooled, Beep at end of cure time, Range of variable settings on timer, Light maintained without continuous depression of switch, Probe - swivels 360 to reach any area of the mouth, Switches for light activation and timer both on hand unit

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